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Awakening: Group Guide Week 3

Begin with prayer (5 minutes)

After spending time together fellowshipping (snacks, dinner, or food). Gather together as a Community in a comfortable setting (around a table, on the couch, the floor of a living room, etc.). Have somebody lead a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to lead and guide your time together. 

Read this overview 

Fasting allows us to draw closer to God, coming into alignment with Him. Fasting is not about trying to change God’s mind; instead we are the ones changed. This past week we were reminded that the “big picture” or vision for our lives comes from God. Fasting is one means of bringing clarity to the direction we should be going, and the way we should be living to get there.  We were also reminded that pain and suffering are not wasted when given to God. You cannot change your past, but you can change where you're going and how your past affects your journey.


A person who has clarity of vision for their life can be identified by 3 characteristics. 

(Have a few people read the following corresponding verses)

  1. They know where they are going John 8:14

  2. Investing in the right tools to reach the destination (education, study, research, skills)                   I Corinthians 9:24-27

  3. Committed to the destination (saying no to distractions and sin) Hebrews 12:1

Discussion (20-25 min)

  • Last week we prayed for anyone struggling to receive or hear from God clearly. Open the floor for people to share how they have been experiencing God this past week. 

  • If anyone in the group is struggling with hearing from God promise to pray for them at the end of the discussion. 

  • Has anyone ever had a clarifying moment or experience where they were able to discern God’s will for their lives? Take some time to share these stories. What can be learned from these stories of intimacy with the Father? 

  • Pastor Bryan highlighted how God can use our pain to minister to others. Invite the group to share times where they have either been on the receiving or giving end of this experience.

  • Hebrews 12:1 talks about shrugging off sin and sidestepping obstacles and distractions in order to pursue God well. 

  • In this past week of fasting has anyone discovered obstacles, sin, or distractions that they feel is a hinderance to living out God’s will for their lives? 

  • Has any unhealthy relationships with food, things, or people become evident to you in this time of fasting? 

  • As our time of practicing fasting as a corporate spiritual discipline comes to a close how do you see your relationship with fasting changing in this next year? Is this a practice you see adopting on a normal basis? Was it hard or easy for you? Would you do it again?


Close with prayer (5-10 min)

  • Spend time closing your evening in prayer. 

  • What can you thank God for? 

  • Are there any needs in the group that can be prayed over? 

  • If anybody requested continued prayer hearing from God make sure to love them and pray for them. Remind them that God loves us, ask that any hindrances causing deafness would be removed. Ask that the love of God would be felt and known.

Prep for next week (3-5 min)

  • Next week is a celebration/testimony week. 

  • Next week come ready to share what you learned  throughout this Awakening series. 

    • An easy way to think of this testimony is to answer the questions “who was I a few weeks ago and what has God done in me since then?”

  • This last week of Awakening groups is a celebration week! You did it! 21 days of prayer and fasting. 3 weeks of attending a group and participating in Church! 

  • How do you as a group want to celebrate? Taco night? Popcorn buffet? Everyone bring your favorite appetizer, game night, jenga tournament? Explore options with the group and take the time to prepare for it.

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