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Awakening: Group Guide Week 4


This last gathering of Awakening groups take time to celebrate what God has done the past few weeks. Eat, have fun, play games, and enjoy your time together. Here are some suggestions. 

-If anyone has prepared a testimony, over dinner give space for people to share what God has done in and through them in recent weeks. 

-Following this past weeks sermon has God impressed on any one a clear sense of direction? How can we immediately "fire" or act upon these revelations? 

Groups start again in March 2021

  • As you close your time bring up that groups will be on break for the next month. You should make it a goal to get dinner or spend some kind of intentional time together in the month off. Take time to plan accordingly. 

  • Go over the plan for March. Will hosting look different? Will everyone still be able to attend and commit to coming? etc. 

  • Celebrate what God has done and close the evening with a thanksgiving prayer. 

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