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You Were Made For Community

You were created for community. As the Church gathering grows larger it must also grow smaller. In community you find encouragement, help, support, and God's word proclaimed and received. In community you start to not just practice a life that models Jesus but in the company of others.

"The work of the Christian life is participating with people and with the Spirit of God" - Eugene Peterson

Finding Community

  • Join a local church: If you’re not yet a part of a local church, join one! Your community doesn't have to be a COTR "small group" but if you're not part of a faith community that's one of the easiest places to find others following Jesus. 

  • Visit the groups page and contact a group leader about attending their group. 

  • Reach out to a few friends: Think of a few friends who might not yet be in an intentional community. Give them a call or a text and invite them to join you for a weekly meal or coffee to work through the Practices and pray together.

  • Form a triad: Call or text two friends, even if you are not very close yet, and ask them if they’d be willing to commit to a weekly meal or coffee to work through the Practices and pray together. 


Getting Started

  • Set a consistent time and place to meet.

  • Discuss expectations about attendance and participation so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Personally commit to going. Things will pop up that make group inconvenient and there will be days you just don't want to go. Make a commitment to yourself and others you will be there regardless. 

  • Set a focus. What part of the life of Jesus do you as a group want to practice together? Prayer, Bible reading, generosity, or maybe fasting? What is the current series at Church? As a group maybe make a focus to practice what is taught on Sunday. 

  • No fixing/saving. “The church does not need brilliant personalities but faithful servants of Jesus and the brethren” Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

  • Default mode: Truth & Love. If your group is speaking truth to each other and focused on loving one another you have the foundation needed to grow in Jesus together. If your group veers from this make every effort and no excuse to come back into alignment. 


One final thought. NO ONE can do community for you. You must make the decision to participate and enter community for yourself. Ultimately, your involvement in community rests upon your desire and commitment to pursue it. Would you receive this blessing and prayer now? 


"May God bless you and direct you to the right people. May you feel the Spirits guidance as you look to enter and participate in the Body of Christ. May you grow in love and truth"  Amen


*This content was largely adapted and quoted from

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