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What Is Grow Steps?

Grow Steps is a 2 week class designed for you to know who Church on the Rock is. You will learn why our Church exists, our vision, mission, and values, and our approach to church. It also serves as a way to help you discover your part in God’s story and fulfill His call on your life. It’s about finding connections, purpose, and opportunities to grow right here at Church on the Rock.


Whether you’ve been here for a while or you’re just beginning to call this home, we invite you to join us for Grow Steps.

Class Schedule

Grow Steps 1 & 2 alternate every first Sunday of the month right after service (except during the summer months). To register or find out when our next class is check out our events!

Grow Steps Session 1 | Welcome to the Family

This session is the first step in beginning your journey of growth here at Church on the Rock! In the first of four classes, you will learn more about the church, have opportunities to find community and build relationships, see the importance of believing in Jesus, and learn about how to become a member.

Grow Steps Session 2 | Discovery

In this second session, we dive into the details of your personality, discover your gifts, and see how your design reveals your purpose in life and your best fit in ministry. This session is interactive with assessments and tools to help you along the way.

Grow Steps Session 3 | Shadow a Team

The third and fourth sessions move outside the classroom. The third one has you choosing a ministry team you're interested in learning more about and then experiences it first-hand through shadowing. This is an exciting opportunity to make new connections with other serve team members.

Grow Steps Session 4 | Join a Team

Now that you've made it to the fourth session, you'll connect everything you've gotten from Grow Steps and put them into practical use to live out your purpose and serve others with your God-given gifts!

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