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Open Hands Food Pantry

Church on the Rock's food pantry is open to the community. The amount of assistance we provide is based on family size. We ask that you complete an Information Form, if this is your first visit, so we may know who is using our pantry. You only need to 'check in' on subsequent visits.


Food Pantry Hours

The Food Pantry will be open the following days:

   June 19th -- 1pm - 3pm

   July 17th -- 1pm - 3pm

   August 21st -- 1pm - 3pm

   September 18th -- 1pm - 3pm

  October 16th -- 1pm - 3pm

   November 13th -- 1pm - 3pm-- (2nd-- Saturday)

   December 18th -- 1pm - 3pm

* Bring grocery bags.

** Have your written grocery list available.

***During this time, we want to keep everyone safe. We ask you wear face masks when you come into the lobby. We also ask that you keep to the 6-feet social distancing recommendations.